Harbouring Meaning In Hindi With Example

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Understanding the Meaning of “Harbouring” in Hindi: Explanation and Usage with Examples

The word “harbouring,” when translated into Hindi, carries multiple connotations depending on the context in which it is used. This article explores the various meanings of “harbouring” in Hindi, providing examples to illustrate its usage in different scenarios.

Definition of “Harbouring” in Hindi

  1. Literal Meaning:

    • In its literal sense, “harbouring” translates to “????? ????” (ashray dena) in Hindi. It refers to providing shelter, refuge, or protection to someone or something, often implying secrecy or concealment of their presence.
  2. Metaphorical Usage:

    • Beyond its literal meaning, “harbouring” can metaphorically imply nurturing, fostering, or harboring feelings, thoughts, or intentions within oneself. This metaphorical usage reflects the emotional or psychological aspect of harboring something within.

Examples of “Harbouring” in Different Contexts

  1. Legal Context:

    • In legal terms, “harbouring” refers to the act of providing shelter or protection to a fugitive or criminal. For example:
      • “???? ???? ?? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???” (Usne apne ghar par ek bhagode ko chhipa kar rakha tha.) Translation: “He harbored a fugitive at his house.”
  2. Emotional Context:

    • Emotionally, “harbouring” can denote holding onto feelings, memories, or grudges internally. For example:
      • “???? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ????? ?? ????? ?????? ????” (Uske dil mein abhi bhi us vivad ki yaadein ashrit thin.) Translation: “He was still harboring memories of that argument in his heart.”
  3. Metaphorical Use in Relationships:

    • In the context of relationships, “harbouring” can imply nurturing or holding onto affection or resentment. For example:
      • “?? ?? ????? ????? ?? ????? ???? ?????????? ???? ???” (Vah us anjaan ladki ke prati gehri sneh-bhavna rakhta tha.) Translation: “He harbored deep affection towards that unknown girl.”

Cultural and Linguistic Significance

  1. Idiomatic Expressions:

    • Idioms and expressions in Hindi often use “harbouring” to convey complex emotions or actions subtly. These idiomatic expressions enrich the language and provide nuanced meanings. For example:
      • “???? ??? ??? ???? ?? ????? ????” (Apne dil mein khushi ka ashray dena) Translation: “To harbor happiness in one’s heart.”
  2. Literary and Artistic Usage:

    • In literature, poetry, and artistic expression, “harbouring” is employed to evoke imagery, symbolism, or thematic depth. Writers and artists use the word creatively to convey layers of meaning within their work.

Understanding the varied meanings of “harbouring” in Hindi enriches one’s comprehension of language nuances, cultural expressions, and interpersonal dynamics. Whether used in legal contexts, emotional dialogues, or literary compositions, “harbouring” encapsulates the complexity of providing shelter, nurturing feelings, or concealing actions within Hindi language and culture.

In summary, the word “harbouring” in Hindi encompasses diverse meanings ranging from literal sheltering to metaphorical nurturing of emotions and thoughts. This article explores its definitions, contextual examples, and cultural significance, illustrating its versatile usage across different aspects of language and communication.

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